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It was in 2008 in Brazil that Mariana Ferreira and Mauro Bruzza met again and, inspired by the art of clowning, created Cia. 1Péde2. Since then, they have travelled together all over the world in very good company with their beautiful family, the circus, music, good laughs and audiences of many different ages and identities. With a renewed sense of purpose, in 2022 they decided to change their company´s name and address, and cross the ocean to stay abroad longer. Consequently, Cia. 1Péde2 is now called Cia. Amaruá and is currently based in Andalusia/Spain. ¡Ole!

He Loves Me

Camomila, in search of a perfect love, goes to meet a perfectly imperfect love
when, in front of the audience she notices Queendin. And between comings and
goings, suitcases and juggling, she finally finds out everything that was always
there, right under her red nose… He loves me!!



Ao Divagar se Vai Longe

The Band Man

Among bells, cymbals, bass drums, whistles and a harmonious accordion, he
arrives/appears: The Orchestra Man! A musician, an artist, an inventor who
translates part of his concerns into a paraphernalia of sounds turning them into
an eccentric and fun musical show along with the participation of the audience.

cia1pede2-26 (1).jpg

I Want to be Camo Minelli

From a deep admiration for Lisa Minelli to the fierce desire to even/at least look
like her... It is just between a chair and the audience that Camomila truly finds
herself a few steps away from her muse.


E Lavo Eu!
Quero ser


When a clown feels like a star and just wants to conquer the public… Between
extraordinary personal ballet techniques and the purest body expression,
QUEENdim is literally turned inside out by the love of the audience. In other
words: future fans!!

Vaga Luz

Vaga Luz

On an imaginary tightrope a woman follows her destiny, her blind path leaving
only circular trails of colours in the dark.

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